Spare Saw Blade

Exclusively crafted for precision in mitre box applications, our cutting-edge blades redefine excellence.
Achieve impeccably smooth and clean cuts with a thin kerf, ensuring unrivaled precision for a diverse range of projects.
Our blades boast superior sharpness, delivering a guaranteed true cut every time.
Elevate your woodworking experience with our meticulously designed blades, tailored exclusively for mitre box use.
  • Designed exclusively for mitre box use.
  • Smooth and clean cut with thin kerf for any project needing precision work.
  • Super sharp and the true cut guaranteed.
Description Teeth per inch
Saw Blade Length 14 Tpi 18Tpi 24 Tpi
350mm Saw Blade 02-3514 02-3518 02-3524
550mm Saw Blade 02-5514 02-5518 02-5524
560mm Saw Blade 02-5614 02-5618 02-5624
565mm Saw Blade 02-5714 02-5718 02-5724
600mm Saw Blade 02-6014 02-6018 02-6024
630mm Saw Blade 02-6314 02-6318 02-6324

Pack Type Outer NW(kg) GW(kg) meas (mm) cuft
Color Sleeve 100 19.00 20.00 660 x 121 x 152 0.50

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