Meet Temple Carpenter Tetsuji Ohtani in Kanazawa, Japan


Hi everyone, I am a master carpenter who restores ancient wooden temples in Kanazawa, Japan. Here, I would like to introduce you to an excellent hand tool - the TRT brand Japanese handsaw.

Firstly, let me explain the difference between Japanese handsaws and other handsaws. Compared to Western handsaws, Japanese handsaws use a pulling motion instead of a pushing motion when in use. This method allows for more even force, making it more effortless to use and creating a smoother cutting surface. Additionally, the teeth on Japanese handsaws are relatively small, causing less noise and vibration when cutting.

Now let's move onto the TRT handsaw. TRT is a well-known handsaw manufacturer that uses high-quality steel, ensuring excellent cutting performance. Compared to other handsaw brands, TRT handsaws have stronger cutting ability and durability. If you need to work with hard types of wood, this handsaw can undoubtedly help you handle it with ease.

Another advantage of the TRT handsaw is its smooth cutting effect, which results in a smooth surface that reduces damage to the wood, allowing for more precise woodworking. If you need to do some delicate woodworking, the TRT handsaw is a highly recommended choice.

Lastly, I want to remind you to protect your fingers when using the TRT handsaw. As its cutting ability is strong, you must handle it with extra care to avoid accidental injuries. Of course, this is the same for all hand tools, so please pay attention to safety.

In conclusion, if you need a high-quality handsaw for woodworking, I highly recommend the TRT brand Japanese handsaw. It uses high-quality steel, has excellent cutting performance, and is effortless to use. If you haven't tried a Japanese handsaw before, I also suggest you give it a try. It is different from Western handsaws and has its unique characteristics and a different feeling when in use, giving you an unexpected harvest.

Of course, if you are a professional carpenter or someone who frequently uses handsaws for woodworking, I suggest you consider purchasing a full set of TRT hand tools, which will allow you to use them better and increase your work efficiency.

Lastly, I want to emphasize again the importance of safety when using handsaws. Hand tools are sharp, so be extremely careful when operating them to avoid accidents. If you are not familiar with using handsaws, it is best to learn from a professional first before starting any woodworking work.

In summary, the Japanese handsaw from the TRT brand is an excellent hand tool that is very handy to use and provides excellent cutting performance. If you need a high-quality handsaw, I highly recommend considering the TRT handsaw. I believe it will definitely bring better results to your woodworking projects.

Ohtani Tetsuji

 japanese temple carpenter, Kanazawa, Japan.