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Reliable Tools & Hardware Co., Ltd. 13-2, Lane. 338, Sec. 2, Fengxing Rd. Tanzi Dist.Taichung427-42 Taiwan +886-4-2536-1836

Established in 1987, Reliable Tools & Hardware Co., Ltd. is a professional and high quality handsaw manufacturer with an experienced manufacturing team.
Follow the operation of the international quality management system ISO 9001. We committed to manufacture high quality handsaws, pruning saws, miter saws and woodworking accessories etc.
Products marketing in Europe and America for many years, the quality keep pace with advanced countries such as Japan and Sweden.
We firmly believe that good quality is an extension of the company's life, accurate delivery is a continuation of the orders.
Good quality = excellent equipment + skilled technology + perfect management.
Reliable Tools & Hardware Co., Ltd. praised by customers. Our customers know what TRT know how, therefore TRT are a more reliable handsaws manufacturer.
We also provide customized products designed to meet the various needs of all customers. Welcome OEM and ODM products.


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Reliable Tools & Hardware Co., Ltd.
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13-2, Lane 338, FengXing Rd. Sec 2, Tanzi Dist, Taichung 427-42, Taiwan

TEL +886-4-2536-1836
FAX +886-4-2536-2152
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